Discover the world of microcontrollers through Rust!

This book is an "introductory course" on microcontroller-based "embedded systems" that uses Rust as the teaching language rather than the usual C/C++.


The following topics will be covered (eventually, I hope):

  • How to write, build, flash and debug an "embedded" (Rust) program.

  • Functionality ("peripherals") commonly found in microcontrollers: Digital input and output, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Analog to Digital Converters (ADC), common communication protocols like Serial, I2C and SPI, etc.

  • Multitasking concepts: cooperative vs preemptive multitasking, interrupts, schedulers, etc.

  • Control systems concepts: sensors, calibration, digital filters, actuators, open loop control, closed loop control, etc.


  • Beginner friendly. No previous experience with microcontrollers or embedded systems is required.

  • Hands on. Plenty of exercises to put the theory into practice. You will be doing most of the work here.

  • Tool centered. We'll make plenty use of tooling to ease development. "Real" debugging, GDB, and logging will be introduced early on. Using LEDs as a debugging mechanism has no place here.


What's out of scope for this book:

  • Teaching Rust. There's plenty of material on that topic already. We'll focus on microcontrollers and embedded systems.

  • Being a comprehensive text about electric circuit theory or electronics. We'll just cover the minimum required to understand how some devices work.

  • Covering Rustic, low level details. We won't be talking about linker scripts, the boot process or how to glue those two into a minimally working Rust program. The Copper book has information on those topics though.

Also I don't intent to port this material to other development boards; this book will make exclusive use of the STM32F3DISCOVERY development board.

Sponsored by

Many thanks to integer 32 for sponsoring me to continue working on this book! Please give them lots of work (they do Rust consulting!) so they'll have no choice but to hire more Rustaceans <3.