LED roulette

Alright, let's start by building the following application:

I'm going to give you a high level API to implement this app but don't worry we'll do low level stuff later on. The main goal of this chapter is to get familiar with the "flashing" and debugging process.

Throughout this text we'll be using the starter code that's in the discovery repository. Make sure you always have the latest version of the master branch because this website tracks that branch.

The starter code is in the src directory of that repository. Inside that directory there are more directories named after each chapter of this book. Most of those directories are starter Cargo projects.

Now, jump into the src/05-led-roulette directory. Check the src/main.rs file:


extern crate pg;

pub fn main() -> ! {
    let y;
    let x = 42;
    y = x;

    loop {}

There's some unusual stuff in it: #![no_main], #[no_mangle] and main is both pub and has signature fn() -> !. For now, why those are the way they are doesn't matter. The only practical implication of all this is that you can't return from the main function.

If you are a careful observer, you'll also notice there is a .cargo directory in the Cargo project as well. :-)

Alright, let's start by building this program.