Reverse a string

Alright, next let's make the server more interesting by having it respond to the client with the reverse of the text that they sent. The server will respond to the client every time they press the ENTER key. Each server response will be in a new line.

This time you'll need a buffer; you can use FixedVec. Here's the starter code:

extern crate fixedvec;

pub fn main() -> ! {
    use fixedvec::{FixedVec, Result};

    let usart1 = unsafe { peripheral::usart1_mut() };

    let mut memory = alloc_stack!([u8; 32]);
    let mut buffer = FixedVec::new(&mut memory);
    loop {

        // TODO Receive a user request. Each user request ends with ENTER
        // NOTE `buffer.push` returns a `Result`. Handle the error by responding
        // with an error message.

        // TODO Send back the reversed string